Programme Overview

School of History and Archaeology

Faculty of Philosophy

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

“MA in Historical Research”

The School of History and Archaeology within the Faculty of Philosophy is responsible for organizing and implementing the MA in History, titled “MA in Historical Research”.

The MA in Historical Research focuses on the discipline of History, encompassing three specializations: a) Ancient Greek and Roman History, b) Byzantine and Medieval History, and c) Modern and Contemporary History.

The primary objectives of the MA in Historical Research are as follows: (a) providing students with professional research training in specific subjects within the field of History, (b) acquainting them with innovative theoretical approaches and modern tools employed in historical research, and (c) instructing them in the method of an interdisciplinary approach to historical problems.

Upon successful completion of the MA, students will acquire the following learning outcomes and qualifications: (a) familiarity with the theoretical and methodological tools of the science of History, awareness of the latest research developments, and proficiency in the methodology of interdisciplinary approaches within related humanities and social sciences; (b) understanding of research methodology and the ability to compose a scientific paper within the realm of History.

Postgraduate studies aim to advance scientific knowledge, foster research development, and address the educational, research, social, cultural, and developmental needs of the country. By training high-level scientists capable of contributing to both theoretical and applied aspects of specific disciplines, subject areas, or individual branches, postgraduate studies seek to facilitate the production and dissemination of knowledge, methodologies, research tools, and outcomes within the specialized scientific field of each Department.